Somalia prime minister signs his resignation letter


Mogadishu-Somalia=November- 12, 2013 – under News English,

The Somalia prime minister Abdi farah shirton has signed his resignation letter and is expected to be held press release for the following hours in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia to talk what Cause his resignation ,

This is comes when the Somalia federal president hasan sheik mohamud informed to prime minister that submit his resignation letter within 24 hours according to the closely information at the prime minister office.

The Prime minister will officially announced to night his let of the office said one of the member of the prime minister’s office who requested to be not used his name on media,

Several foreign politicians are now following to villa Somalia to be witness resigning of the Somalia prime minister.

This is the normal condition according to for the past 20 years where by with in one year Somalia have been 4 prime ministers sake of misunderstanding between the leaders

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