More than 50 people arrested in Afgoye town

The security forces of Somalia’s Federal Government have conduced security operations in Afgoye district of Lower Shabelle region in the Southern of Somalia on Friday.

At least 50 people were reported arrested in the town as they were accused of involving the insecurity cases occurring in the district.

Speaking to Bar-kulan, the commander of the Somali security forces in Afgoye said that the forces conducted operations confirming the stability of the district, he added that some of the detained suspects have been released while others are still under further interrogations.

Transportation and people’s movement has been paralyzed in the town during the operations as young people are reported to have stayed at home fearing from arbitrary arrest.

This massive security operation which was aimed to intensify the security and stability of the town came days after insecurity cases had been reported in Afgoye town, located 30 Km south of Mogadishu, the Somali capital

This following after when the Somalia security forces condected operation in Afgoye town ,

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