Abwaan ilka jiir oo sheegay In uu soo wado hees cusub oo jawaab u ah Heestii Gaasrii iyo Abwaanka oo Balan ku Qaaday in uu Sii Wadayo

Waraysiga abwaan ilka jiir oo ah mid xiisa badan ayaa waxa uu kahadley heesaha gaarsiiya iyo garaadleey oo maalmahaanba eey hadal hayeen bulsha weynta somaliyed iyadoo uu abwaanku sheegey ineey tahey sida eey ubilaabatey oo eeysan joogsan doonin isagana oo soo wado hees cusub oo jawaab ah waxaa kale uu abwaanku si kulul u canbaareeyey sheene akhyaar oo uu sheegey inuu caayey balse uu kuheley shacbiyad hadii aan qof raali gareynaayo waa falis waxaan ka codsanayaa shabakada caalamiga ah ee dayniile ineey iiga gudbiso raali galintaas waxaana diyaar u ahey inaan heeso udhiibo falis cabdi

Halkaan ka Daawo Waraysiga QeeboKamid ah

Sidoo kale mar aan weydiiney su,aal aheyd inuu sameeyey heesta cusub oo Ay qaadey Shukri sandiko waxa uu yiri aniga ma sameynin shaqana kuma lihi shurki weey ila soo xiriirtey laakiin aniga inaan hees qof lagu aflagaadeynayo aan sameeyo diyaarna uma ihi s

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Halkaan Ka Daawo

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